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Discover your new north

Who We Are

You’re probably asking yourself, "What is New North? What do they do? What happened to the old north?" Don’t worry, we’re here to explain. We’re not your mom and pop’s travel agency. We’re not a faceless search and booking engine. We’re not a robot. (That would be cool, though. 🤖)

If it were up to us, we’d call ourselves your Happiness Explorer. But, let’s stick to the formalities. We’re trip curators for the modern-day traveler. No tourist trap packages here. We’re here to provide you with everything you’d need when traveling and exploring a new city. We know you can go to any travel agency — or use any site — to book hotels, flights, and rental cars. You come to us to create the well-planned adventure once you're at your destination. Want to know the dive bar that all the locals flock to? We’ve got you covered. Does unplugging completely and getting lost in nature sound more like you? We can arrange that. Don’t just find your true north. Discover your new north.

What We Do

We’re a two-person team dedicated to finding those hidden gems in every city and bringing them to you as you get ready for your next adventure. We exist to provide you with a stress-free, immersive travel experience with a custom itinerary. Not sure where to go and what to do in your new city? We’re here to help. Travel and planning is what we do, and we do it right — so right, we believe even spontaneity can be planned.

Our Process

The process of getting a custom itinerary is pretty simple. You tell us where you’re going, for how long, and answer a few other travel-related questions so we can better understand you and handcraft an experience that’s truly your own. Yes, we all hate filling out forms. But, what if we told you by the time you’re done with this form you’ll get a cool confetti success message at the end, and an email from us. Tada. 🎉

What to Expect

So you filled out our form. Now what? You’ll hear from us same-day confirming that we received your request. Again, no 🤖 here, there's a real person behind the screen who wants to make the best travel itinerary for your next adventure.

After you receive a confirmation email from us, we may have additional questions for you and will reach out to you via email throughout the entire process. Because, let’s face it — phone calls are so 2000.

Once we’ve established enough information surrounding your destination, and what you’re all about, that’s when the fun begins for both of us. We get to work on finding the best restaurants and activities for you. Our goal is to have an itinerary for you within 48 hours from the day you requested one. Since email is our primary communication, you’ll receive a link to a Google Sheet that’ll have the details of your trip. All in all, this process should take no longer than five days to get an itinerary in your email inbox. That’s about the standard time it takes to get a non-Amazon Prime item delivered to your door. Sounds like the dream, right?