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5 Reasons to Visit Savannah, GA

Last year, Drew and I visited Savannah around Thanksgiving. It immediately became a destination we wanted to revisit. There was something about Savannah’s essence. It's the mix of saltiness and iron in the air, the small-town feel, and the southern charm that made us say, “We should come back.”

If you haven’t been to Savannah, move this southern city up your travel list. It’s also dubbed the most haunted town in the country if you’re into that kind of thing. Savannah is a beautiful city, perfect for a weekend getaway or a few days. There’s history (it’s the oldest town in Georgia) and natural beauty throughout. With each scenic road, there’s Instagram-worthy foliage and architecture to delight your senses. People from all over the world travel to Savannah to see the traditional—yet elegant—design, riverfront, and its garden squares.

Here are a few reasons why we want to visit Savannah again, and why Savannah is a gem of the American South.

To-go Cups

If you hit the streets in Savannah, wear comfy shoes. Its historic downtown is very walkable, but you might trip and fall while walking on the cobblestone. People line the streets, visiting shops, restaurants, and exploring the rich history. And, the best part about being able to walk everywhere, is having a drink in hand at your leisure. It’s true—‘to-go cups’ are a thing. It gives you the freedom to drink your beer and go for a walk. Of course, with such freedom, there are boundaries. You’re allowed a 16-oz-or-less beverage as long as it’s in a paper or plastic cup, only in the Historic District. Not bad at all. And if you're anything like me and can't finish a cocktail at dinner, you don't need to worry about it. You can take it to-go.

Photo credit: @saretmj.

SCAD Museum of Art

No, that’s not ‘scab’ you just read. It’s SCAD, the creative center of the city. It’s abbreviated from Savannah College of Art & Design. Even though SCAD is a college, there’s a museum of art and a gift shop for visitors to check out. Exhibits change every academic quarter, so there’s always something new to see and ponder. Even if you’re not into modern, contemporary art, there’s allure with the art and diversity on display at SCAD’s museum. If you’re in the area, the art and plaza are worth a visit.

Photo credit from left to right: @scadmoa & @abbylaineee.

Wormsloe Historic Site

What does it feel like to stand on a road with seemingly never-ending oak trees? Surreal. And dreamlike. You’ll know the emotional feeling once you visit Wormsloe. After paying, you drive through a "tree tunnel" formed by dozens of oak trees. Be sure to have your camera and walking shoes ready for this historic site. Perfect photo-ops are waiting within the seemingly endless canopy of green. I swear you’ll take 100 pictures of the trees alone. After you’ve reached the end of the driveway, there’s a parking lot where you can get out and explore. Once you’re in the wilderness, you’ll find a gravesite, and an overlook into the never-ending swamp. This Savannah gem is worth visiting to see the mile of live oak trees, the beautiful entrance gate, and a slice of southern history.

Photo credit from left to right: @laurenbulbin & @rachelearls.

River Street

No Savannah trip is complete without a trip to River Street. After all, where else can you get multiple meals, drinks, beautiful sights, and a dose of shopping to top it off? As you may have guessed, this is the street running along the Savannah River. If you take a walk down this street, you’ll find old buildings along the cobblestone roads, surrounded by history. You’ll encounter preserved historic steps with signs cautioning walkers to watch their step. History is literally at your footsteps here. River Street is among the top Instagram-worthy destinations in Savannah. From the architecture to the riverfront areas, this spot owns its unique character and charm. Keep in mind nights and weekends can get a little crowded. And to all our parents reading this, River Street is not very kid-friendly after dark. There is a lively nightlife, and the open-container law can make things rowdy. All in all, it’s a great place to spend a few hours or the entire day. You’re on vacation, so take your time and soak up the history.

Photo credit from left to right: @chesneywhite & @stayinsavannah.

Southern Comfort Food

Talking about Savannah without mentioning the southern food is impossible. And we’re saving the best (and most salivating) for last. Fried chicken might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but there are a lot of heirloom recipes offering an infused international flavor within Savannah. The dishes boast ‘comfort food’ meets new-age dining. From historic spots to local favorites, Savannah is a culinary tour for your inner foodie. Hundreds of restaurants in this city will keep you full and satisfied from dusk to dawn.

Photo credit from left to right: @tiasnothere & @mccauleygomez.

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