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Hello from New North

Hello, everyone! (I’m assuming “everyone” is reading this, and it’s not just my parents.) I’m one of the New North founders, and I’m excited to say we decided to start our own travel blog to complement our site. Better late than never, right? New North is the brainchild of partners, Drew and Sarah (hey, that’s me 👋). We want our blog to be a record of our travels, and a place for all travelers to get advice, entertainment, and the occasional ramble here and there.

How We Started

The idea behind New North started—almost as a joke—after we took two trips. The first was to Denver and the next, New York City. By this time, Drew and I started tinkering with the idea of doing all the preplanning for a trip in a Google spreadsheet. We used it to organize restaurants, activities, bars, and so on for a particular day. In retrospect, keeping tabs on all the saved places was a little overwhelming. Our Google Maps looked like the heavens threw up little yellow stars all over the 2-D terrain. En route to Denver, Drew surprised me with an app he created from our planned itinerary. Not only was every place organized by day, time, and location—the dropdown was clickable and took me straight to Google Maps. This lightweight app kept us on schedule and guided us in the direction we needed to go. (And this was only the beginning.)

“You know, we could do this for other people. With our skills, we could help people plan a better vacation.”

Fast-forward a month into the future, and I found myself in the midst of planning our trip to NYC. I’ll admit, it was daunting. We fell into the trap most travelers do when they visit NYC. We wanted to do and see everything in our limited time. I knew it wasn’t possible. While staring at the spreadsheet in front of me, I had an ah-ha moment on how to structure our trip. The light bulb clicked, and the trip planning started to make sense. I narrowed everything down to the MUST-DO activities while in the city, and the rest fell into place. I grouped the days by the neighborhoods of New York City, kept the main activity in mind, and planned around that to make the most out of each day. (Instead of spending most of it on the subway going up and down the island.) It was at this point when Drew, who was looking over the spreadsheet, said to me, “You know, we could do this for other people. With our skills, we could help people plan a better vacation.”

And the rest is history.

It took months of talking it through, planning the logistics, and staying committed to getting our passion project done. But, we’re here now, and we’re more excited than ever. Our mission is to help travelers everywhere. We want to take the stress out of planning so you can make the most of your trip. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow. What a pair of nutty, controlling, Type-A, checklist-loving loony toons.” I won’t argue on the Type-A reference, but planning a vacation takes work. A well-planned trip doesn’t fall into your lap. It takes hours of research, careful coordination between booking reservations and activities, and the most important aspect—budgeting.

Why New North?

At New North, we're committed to handcrafting an experience that fits your needs, wants, and budget. Sure, there are a ton of other buttoned-up travel agencies out there offering services like ours. But, scrappiness is an admirable trait, especially when you're starting out in a new industry. We’re proud to be a “new” startup dedicated to iterating and building more features to make your travel experiences better. We’re learning to work with our resources, count on our perseverance, and embrace our scrappy mentality to deliver our clients a tailored and well-planned itinerary that exceeds expectations. Hey, we also recognize we’re not for everyone, too. So, if sipping a Mai Tai on your cruise boat of choice is your idea of an adventure, great! But, we might not be a good fit for your needs. That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Our hope is that our blog will inspire everyone who enjoys packing a bag and seeing the world.

You can keep up with our musings by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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