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Ultimate Food Guide for Orlando, FL

After you’ve explored the lesser-known spots of Orlando, you’re hungry and ready to eat. But where? Well, we’re here to tell you where. Using our tastebuds as our guide, we’ve identified the best places to get a delicious meal so you don’t have to spend hours on Yelp—“Less researching, more eating.” is our motto. Obviously, this list doesn’t include everything we’d want—and it’s worth mentioning there were some close contenders—but in the end, these are the winners in our hearts. Hopefully we don’t start a war among Orlando locals who may disagree. On that note, stay hungry, friends!

Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa

Yes, believe the hype. Pig Floyd’s is nestled on Mills50, one of Orlando’s grassroots districts where you’ll find lively murals, small shops, and locally owned restaurants. If you heard some whispers of some bigger name BBQ joints in town, don't listen. Pig Floyd’s is undisputably the best in the city. There’s a wide selection of finger-licking BBQ, and for our non-meat-eating friends, they can swap any meat with tofu. Pig Floyd’s does an amazing job at combining generous sides with reasonable prices. So of course, the Pig is top on our list.

Must-Try Menu Items:

  • Fried yuca with fancy sauce
  • Brisket
  • Spice-roasted chicken
  • Oakwood smoked ribs
  • Butter chicken taco

Photo credit from left to right: @kwixzza & @jaredsylvia.

Flyers Wings & Grill

It’s hard to find a chicken-wing restaurant that isn’t having a menu crisis, or one that doesn’t have a hodgepodge of options. We’ll say it once (with sass)...

Chicken. 👏 Wings. 👏 Deserve. 👏 Their. 👏 Own. 👏 Menu. 👏

At Flyers, this bird’s golden-fried wing is king here. This joint is located on Colonial Drive, and its location may deter some locals. The reality is you probably won't want to stop here to eat while out and about because the area and parking lot is usually a mess (Sorry, not sorry). But trust us, Flyers has the crispiest, most delectable wings—drenched in buffalo sauce—in all of Orlando. Wings here are consistently cooked to perfection, saucy, and the perfect size, accompanied with handmade fries and bleu cheese dressing. If it’s one thing—in addition to the wings—that keeps us coming back for more, it’s the creamy bleu cheese. We’re not kidding when we say you’ll want to guzzle it.

Must-Try Menu Items:

  • Buffalo chicken wings (Hot. Extra crispy. Side of bleu cheese.)
  • Curly fries

Photo credit: @pamelaldavis

Se7en Bites

Two words to describe Se7en Bites: comfort food. If you don’t know the exact location of Se7en Bites, it’s easy to drive by since it’s tucked away. Once you pull into the parking lot, you’re greeted with a painting outside the building with the cheeky saying: "Come on in and let us fill your pie hole”. On the inside, Se7en Bites specializes in both sweet and savory, and its atmosphere is replete with Southern charm and family like hospitality (and communal seating to boot). You’ll find a hearty breakfast and lunch menu full of savory dishes like biscuits and gravy, biscuits topped with a variety of eggs, and more. The menu also includes chicken pot pie, a meatloaf sandwich, and a variety of other comfort foods. The best part, of course, is the dessert section of Se7en Bites. If you’re going all-in with a hearty breakfast, you need a sweet finisher to top it all off.

Must-Try Menu Items:

  • Biscuits and gravy
  • 7th Trimester
  • Crack pie
  • Oatmeal cream pie

Photo credit from left to right: @yossarian_lives & @beckyalyssa.

Black Bean Deli

Sure, there are other metropolitan cities in Florida that are self-proclaimed “Kings of Cuban Food.” (cough Tampa cough Miami cough). But, at Black Bean Deli, what you get is great Americanized Cuban food at an unbeatable price. BBD—as abbreviated by your local Orlandians—is another hidden gem on Colonial Drive in the Mills50 district. The building is a renovated, 1950's gas station that now gleams modern white with a stylish interior, giving it a Havana-like feel. Inside, you walk right up to the counter to order. It’s worth mentioning the counter has pastries and other fried goods for noshing behind the glass, and it's imperative that you get ham croquettes, or an empanada, or fried yucca on the side (or why not all). In addition to Cuban staples like ropa vieja, picadillo, and spanish-baked chicken, Black Bean Deli has vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, as well.

Must-Try Menu Items:

  • Papas rellenas plate
  • Cuban sandwich
  • Ham croquettes
  • Guava & cheese pastelito

Photo credit from left to right: @heykristyy & @kaylammendez.

Sapporo Ramen

Noodles. Broth. Chopsticks. Oh, my! Just saying it outloud gets us giddy. And no, this isn’t your college dorm instant ramen. Nestled in West Colonial's Chinatown plaza, Sapporo Ramen offers a quaint atmosphere, simple menu, and delicious bowls of soup. In addition to steaming bowls of noodles in a variety of broths, you’ll find Japanese street food on the menu, such as takoyaki, gyoza, korokke, and more. All ramen portions are generous, and the flavor exceptional. Locals rave about the tonkotsu ramen and the fatty, buttery, flavorful pork-bone broth it comes in. If you haven’t been here before, you can avoid looking like a newbie and standing by the door waiting to be served—start by going straight to the cash register to place your order, and then find a seat. Sapporo has the tendency to get packed during peak lunch and dinner hours, but it’s well worth the wait. Make the drive to Sapporo Ramen, and you’ll see why their porky goodness and affordable prices keep bringing locals back for more.

Must-Try Menu Items:

  • Shoyu ramen
  • Miso ramen
  • Tonkotsu ramen
  • Pan-fried gyoza

Photo credit from left to right: @robbiebulilan & @seleena520.

Well, that’s it, folks! Now you know the top-five restaurants we hold close to our hearts (and stomachs). It was difficult narrowing our list to just five establishments since Orlando has SO many great spots for grub. Shout out to the runners-up:

  • The Ravenous Pig for their eclectic, farm-to-table menu offerings.
  • Prato for their old-world meets modern Italian menu and stylish interior.
  • Swine & Sons Provisions with their cheddar chive biscuits (to die for).
  • Pizza Bruno for bringing neapolitan-style pizza flare to Orlando.

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